Increase your driver’s safety by investing in our passport 600M. Its tire pressure monitoring system helps save fuel, extend tire life and increase safety. This device is suitable for; RVs, SUV, caravan, small trucks and passenger cars as it can monitor up to 22 tires simultaneously. It does everything the passport 300M does, but with greater magnitude.

Best suitable for RV, SUV, Caravan, small trucks and passenger cars. It can monitor upto 22 tires at most simultaneously.

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  • Monitor tire pressure, temperature and leakage
  • Water and dust proof
  • Easy to install and uninstall without disassemble the tire
  • Tire's pressure monitoring criterion can be customized.
  • Can be mount on the valve
  • Monitor all tires simultaneously
  • Easy to replace battery
Dimension 24mm×21mm×21mm
Sensor weight 11g±1g
Sensors' operating temperature   -10℃ ~85 ℃
Pressure measurement range 0Kpa-1600Kpa
Pressure Measure Precision ±30Kpa
Pressure Units Kpa, PSI, Bar and Kgf/ cm2
Signal Transmitting Frequency 433.92MHz
Temperature Measure Precision ± 3 ℃
Battery Life 1 Year (Battery Model No.: CR1632)