The DX 1090 is great for personal and asset tracking. It is especially useful in keeping track of people, as it comes in form of a fully enabled wrist worn GPS device. It possesses much of the features of the XS-900 including an SOS button, SOS alarm Geo-fence monitoring and a 2-way communication system which can be useful in case of emergency.

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  • Monitor tire pressure, temperature and leakage
  • Water and dust proof
  • Easy to install and uninstall without disassemble the tire
  • Tire's pressure monitoring criterion can be customized.
  • Can be mount on the valve
  • Monitor all tires simultaneously
  • Easy to replace battery
Dimension 16mm×21mm×21mm
Sensors' operating temperature -10℃ ~85 ℃
Temperature Measure Precision   ±3℃
Pressure measurement range 0-72.5PSI
Pressure Measure Precision ±1.45PSI
Pressure Units Kpa, PSI, Bar and Kgf/ cm2
Sensor Weight 8g±1g
Signal Transmitting Frequency 433.92MHz
Battery Life 1 Year (Battery Model No.: CR1632)
Support Bluetooth 4.0 BLE